I collected the Enfield from its shed in Bristol

I collected the Enfield from its shed in Bristol.  It had at least two flat tyres and, despite having no batteries, was still ruddy heavy. Big shout of gratitude to Top Gear magazine’s Tom Wookie Ford for lending me his big red Hilux. I don’t think it noticed the extra load.

I drove straight from Brizzzzzol to see Jon Webster at Webster Race Engineering in Rushden, Northants. W.R.E are about the best drag race car builders in Europe, and I just wanted to let Jon see it and gauge whether he thought I was mentally ill.

He’s a quiet bloke anyway, but after walking around it with a tape measure for 10 minutes, he looked up and said ‘Yeah, it should work.’

  • Rear wheel drive? Check.
  • Four-link rear suspension? Check.
  • Fairly strong chassis? Check.
  • Ability to locate motor/batts low down? Check.

Having seen the automotive weaponry he turns out, Jon will be entrusted to perform the main chassis, steering and suspension part of the car. Oh, and the roll cage. I don’t fancy going for a tumble in the Enfield at 100mph. It was only designed for 40mph.

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