I cannot profess to be doing something truly pioneering with my Flux Capacitor because there are some guys out there who have already paved the way. They’re the ones who made me wake up, lick a 9V battery and want to dabble in some EV hot rodding. Cheers fellas.

The Black Current Beetle

You are looking at the current (unintentional awful gag) world’s quickest full-bodied EV. A ’65 VW Beetle based EV dragster that’s born and bred here in the UK by brothers Olly and Sam Young. You can’t help but admire these guys, who have evolved their tube chassis Bug into a ghostly silent 9-second drag weapon. It’s a sight to behold, both on track and in the pits. The build quality is phenomenal. For these reasons Olly and Sam (Current Racing) are putting together the twin 9” motors for my Flux Capacitor.

They know what makes a quick leccy chariot on the quarter mile…

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