I started as an automotive journalist in the ’90s – around the time when emails were born. First cutting my teeth on a classic and custom Volkswagen magazine, I then progressed into mainstream car titles as the years progressed.

In 2006 I started presenting on the long-running TV show Fifth Gear and now, besides this, I’ve got my own BBC car-based series – Mud, Sweat & Gears – that will air in 2015.

By day I sample cutting edge technology by driving and reviewing new cars. By night (and weekend) the garage is filled with historical tin in varying states of repair.

The zero emission Enfield offsets my piston vehicles, which include a 6.3-litre 1968 Dodge Charger, a 1964 Chevy Impala, a V6 engined Austin Allegro and a 1965 Honda CZ100 monkey bike.

And then there’s the ’60s British Anzani ride-on mower. I’m currently commuting in the highest mileage Honda Insight hybrid in Europe.

My freelance journalism has been published in titles varying from the Sunday Times, Evo, Esquire, Loaded, Nuts, Auto Express, and pistonheads.com to Autocar, Practical Classics and Octane.

I try to bring a left-field perspective using my car perversion. Like setting the record in the world’s fastest street legal car, building a double-decker Smart car, competing in a Norwegian drift contest with one day’s training or creating an armoured tank out of an ex wedding Rolls Royce.

Saying that, the Enfield is by far the most ambitious project I’ve embarked on. If it was too easy then everyone would do it, right?

For more info about me please visit my slightly outdated website www.carpervert.com or hit me up via twitter on @carpervert

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