A lot of people want to know the tech spec of the Enfield, so here are the most accurate Top Trumps facts I can muster of the car, both when original and in Flux Capacitor guise.



  • BODYSHELL: Handbuilt aluminium two-seater
  • CHASSIS: Square-section tubular steel space frame
  • SUSPENSION: Coil-over McPherson strut front, four-link rear axle
  • MOTOR: 8hp / 6kw / 150amps
  • WHEELS: 10-inch Mini wheels
  • BRAKES: Non servo Hillman Imp drums
  • BATTERIES: 8 x 12v 55-amp hour lead acid batteries
  • TOP SPEED: 40mph
  • PERFORMANCE: Erm. Well, 0-30mph in 12.5 seconds
  • RANGE: 35-55 miles, depending on climate and quantity of hills
  • WEIGHT: 975kg (a lot for such a midget – over 300kg is batteries)
  • LENGTH: A mere 2.84m / 112″ (a Mini was 3.05m / 120″)
  • WHEELBASE: Just 1.725m / 68″ (a Mini was 2.04m / 80.3″)
  • FUEL: 240v mains Economy Seven



BODYSHELL: Restored with new (aluminium) sills and bare metal painted in Lambretta GP ‘Yellow Ochre’ colour by Roadhouse Retro Co, Plastics4Performance Lexan windows, glassfibre moulded bumpers

CHASSIS: Custom Webster Race Engineering roll cage (tagged to 9.99) welded to original chassis.

SUSPENSION: AVO adjustable shocks, custom rose-jointed four-link rear suspension with narrowed Ford 9-inch LSD back axle with 6-inch long (!) prop shaft, bolt-on rear wheelie bars, urethane bushes on front A-arms

MOTORS: Twin series-mounted 9-inch DC Current Racing motors with Helwig carbon split brushes, silicone insulation rated for 2000 amps at 170v with a max rpm of 5500rpm. No gearbox. Direct drive.

WHEELS/TYRES: British made Wolfrace slot mag 12×5 fronts with 165/55/12 Yokohamas and 14×7 rear Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial P205/50R14 drag radials.

BRAKES: Bespoke front disc conversion with AP Racing Caterham caliper and CNC machined hub carrier by BG Developments, Ferodo pads, American spec Ford drum brake rear.

BATTERIES: 188 Lithium-ion Kokam military grade ‘pouch’ cells originally used as starter and mini-gun batteries for the Bell SuperCobra helicopter. Built into 4 packs (three under bonnet, one in rear boot area) by Hyperdrive Innovations using Hyperdrive’s own BMS (Battery Management System).

TOP SPEED: 140mph (est)

PERFORMANCE: 1200lb ft+ 800+hp. 0-60 in sub 3 seconds. Quarter-mile in 10 seconds…or less! Personal Best  quarter mile of 9.86 secs @ 121mph

RANGE: up to 50 miles (est)

WEIGHT: 920kg excluding driver

FUEL: Manzanita Micro microprocessor mains charger with grid electricity

Bodywork and paint by Roadhouse Retro

Batteries and battery management system by Hyperdrive Innovation

Custom brake conversion by BG Developments

Electric motors, charger and controller unit supplied by Current Racing 

Wheels refurbished by Wicked Wheels

Roll cage, back axle and suspension by Webster Race Engineering

Glassfibre bumpers moulded by East Coast Buggies

Lexan windscreen and windows made by Plastics4Performance

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