The above companies deserve a big back pat, because the Flux Capacitor project wouldn’t exist without their enthusiasm and wallet assistance. A chance exchange of emails between my car insurer resulted in this idea becoming reality. Having insured my daily drivers and classic cars for more than 10 years through Adrian Flux (they were the only people who would touch a 21-year-old with a Cadillac as I recall) I casually asked if they cover EVs (Electric Vehicles) during policy renewal time. As usual, the answer was yes. And as usual – no matter how weird the car – they knew of it and didn’t A) laugh down the phone and hang-up or B) try to convince me that what I actually own is an Enfield motorbike. It was the Smart car before the Smart car… arriving quarter of a century early, and with a much larger forehead. The Enfield has a face even its mum would struggle to kiss, but that’s precisely why I want to do this to it. This post oil-crisis creation deserves to be resurrected and mark its territory amongst today’s electric youngsters. But besides trying to out-pace Teslas and Leafs, for me it’s a great opportunity to explore life beyond petrol powered performance. If we can match a supercar on the quarter mile but still use it as a tax exempt city commuter, then brilliant.


A week later Adrian Flux had offered to help back my quest to make a stupid electric car from the ’70s ride again – albeit much faster. Should any interested parties want to help sponsor Jonny’s Flux Capacitor please click CONTACT and send a lovely digital letter.

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