Better still, pictures showing numbers. Here is a photo I will always be proud of.

And here’s just another gratuitous tyre smoke photograph. Because #EVmuscle.

Thanks once again to everyone with a sticker on the side of my car. All of you have been instrumental in the Flux Capacitor Enfield getting this far and performing this strongly. I have had a number of people contact me asking whether I really own this car, and whether I genuinely have spent my own money on it. Yes, and yes. Ask Mrs Smith if you don’t believe me.

The shot above shows how much more the Enfield’s little arse squats now off the line since we added the 45-50kg rear mounted battery pack. It contains 44 cells and is one third of the pack that lives under the bonnet. Grip still not an issue bizarrely, even with over 25psi in the back tyres.

Watch this spare for a few more tweaks to the car in the coming weeks as we prepare for the FIA European Finals event at Santa Pod in September. I’ve also got a carpet set to fit to it…

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