Why Bother?

People have long lavished time, cash and polish on classic petrol powered cars, so I think it’s time retro EVs deserve the same pampering.

Electric car ownership is totally new to me. I nearly bought a mk1 Honda Insight hybrid recently, and used to daily drive a chip fat-powered Mercedes diesel, but that’s as close to alternative fuel as things have got.

The essence of this project is about resurrecting a forgotten EV underdog and giving it some 21st century hot rod inspired treatment, but with tongues in cheeks. It’s all about taking an unlikely contender – an automotive Rocky Balboa – and turning it into a pint-sized zero emission hero.

I fancied building a hot rod electric car a while back, but rather than convert a piston-propelled relic, why not remind the world that EVs aren’t a new invention?

Sure, they’ve got prettier, more efficient and less laughable, so I figured now was a good time to sprinkle some hot rod dust upon an unloved EV. Some cars were born for no other reason than to make people laugh.

The Flux Capacitor is as much about celebrating Great British eccentricity as it is pushing zero emission boundaries. In effect, it is taking retro to the future.

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