And now for a video intermission

My computer is a bit ill, so we’re still working on editing the onboard footage of my world record runs. They should be out next week. I write this still shaking my head in disbelief that the Enfield can run a 9 sec quarter mile without ANY aerodynamic alteration. No wings, lips, gills added to the original design. Thanks to Eurodragster this video below shows the view of my PB from the historic Santa Pod commentary gantry. Hope you enjoy it.

Here’s another vid of a different angle. With additional battery weight now over the back axle we have noticed the burnouts are weaker. The front is also riding up higher on the launch. We ran the 10.24s and the 9.86 with, amazingly, 28 psi rear tyre pressure. This is almost unheard of with a drag radial!

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