Bobby’s Fully Charged!

A massive thanks to Mr Red Dwarf EV evangelist Robert Llewellyn, who came to my place for a chat and drive in the Flux Capacitor. Judging by the giggles I think he enjoyed himself. Some tyres were harmed in the making of this video…

Behold! Europe’s Quickest Street Legal EV

Apologies for going quiet on the blog recently. If you’ve been following me via Twitter (@carpervert) you may know that since late April the Flux Capacitor became track-worthy and ready for shakedown. Here is what happened when I first got behind the wheel after 3 years of getting the Flux Cap to this level. Be warned, I was a little excited …

I’m all about the baseline

The Enfield 8000 is now up to full fighting kerb weight. The light is glinting at the end of the tunnel. Baseline time, which basically means setting up the car to a decent standard ready for some shakedowns. 

Batts outta heaven!

Last blog I tried to show the immense effort taken to build batteries capable of delivering 370 volts, 600kW, 2000+ amps, 1003hp, 1100lbft that weigh less than 150kg. Well, here you go. I still can’t compute the stats when I stare at this strange electrical package.

Building the perfect batts

BEHOLD, the Flux Capacitor is days away from getting powered up. This is significant milestone in my project, because of the reasons I’ve mentioned in previous blogs about sourcing the appropriate spec battery cells for a road legal EV dragster.

Stick and tyred

The Enfield 8000 Flux Capacitor was originally born with 10-inch Mini wheels and tyres. Since my project has done away with the Reliant back axle, we needed the biggest, widest, stickiest tyres we could get under the standard rear arches. Oh, and they had to be street legal because it’s too easy to claim record speeds when you’re running slicks.

Hurry up and weight

Keeping weight down to minimum is always high on the agenda when building a pure race car, but I’m wrestling with trying to keep the Flux Capacitor as normal looking (and street legal) as I can. Ok, ignoring the stance, wheels and 4-foot wheelie bars. Originally the Enfield had a single electric motor with 8hp […]

Batts outta hell (Well Korea actually…)

This is a helicopter. I’m not an aviation pervert but apparently it is a Bell AH-1 SuperCobra – an attack ‘copter that has played a major role in every U.S. military conflict since Vietnam. To start the twin turboshaft engines there is a lithium-ion battery pack. Said pack is rather potent because it also delivers […]

Steer clear says Big Brother

My brother Greg and me are close mates. For the first time in years we live close to one another, which means we’re trying to find spare evening time to bond in sheds over spanners and cider. Greg restores pre-war Bentleys for a living and has been largely responsible for my adoration and respect of […]

It could have been a British Leyland…

Although the Enfield 8000 ECC wasn’t what you’d call a sales success, at least it did make production. A visit to the Gaydon motor museum a few months ago was my father’s day gift from the kids. Whilst there we spotted this little stillborn EV beauty from British Leyland. On the quiet, I happen to […]