EV history on TV

Since 2012 my Flux Capacitor project has been plugging away at trying to radically mutate an EV recipe started back in the late sixties by the offshoot of Enfield – the British company previously famous for making bicycles, motorcycles, mowers and firearms. Of course. The last few weeks has seen the Enfield 8000 ECC (Electric […]

Screen (weight) saver

In case anyone is considering buying an Enfield 8000ECC, take note: If the windscreen is broken the car is almost certainly worthless. Why? Because although the car cleverly used many other car’s parts from the era (Hillman door handles, Reliant rear axle to name a few), the designers decided to furnish it with a bespoke […]

Best Year EVer?

Happy ’14 to everyone who has shown interest or been instrumental in the build of my Flux Capacitor electric drag car. 2014 is the year we will start racing it and seeing whether it will live up to expectations. I would like to take my hat off to thank sponsors Adrian Flux Insurance, npower energy […]

Making cables! (wiring for street legality)

Wiring is pretty crucial for an EV, as you can imagine. The Flux Cap had had its high voltage cabling plumbed in by Olly Young at Current Racing earlier in the year, so now it was time for the remainder of the loom to get refreshed. By remainder I mean the low voltage 12-volt stuff […]

Bumper issue

I bought my Enfield 8000 back at the start of 2012 as a non-running project. It was perfect for what I wanted, because the dead electrics were going to be removed to make way for cutting-edge digitally controlled motors and batteries. However, as modern as the guts of my street legal Flux Capacitor are, I […]

Stop for a brake

Because it was designed to live in the urban jungle and never travel beyond 40mph, the Enfield 8000’s 7-inch (non servo assisted) drum brakes seemed perfectly satisfactory in 1974… …but they were never going to be too useful on my Flux Capacitor project. For although it will weigh significantly less than the lead-acid batt laden […]

I love EV history

Half the reason I started this Flux Cap project is because I was fascinated to delve into the history of this quirky pint-sized British EV. The more I read about the development and design of the Enfield, the less I laugh and the more I realise it was a pretty decent attempt at an urban […]

Powered by nPower

2013 has got off to a magnificent start as we welcome npower on board as a co-sponsor of the Flux Capacitor project. Alongside Adrian Flux Insurance and Red Maple IT consultants, the energy supplier will be helping me with a custom charging system (both at home and at the race track. As obvious as it sounds, the way to ‘refuel’ […]

Silent car, holy car, all is quiet … Blah blah carols blah …

Happy December everyone. The blog has seen a quiet spell during most of October and November, but this hasn’t been a reflection on the Flux Cap’s progress. Oh no. On the contrary the little yellow peril has changed a load since arriving back at Tim Glover’s Road House Motor Co. Here’s the update… The goal was […]

Retro to the Future. Well, not far off…

So, the Enfield is beginning its journey of reassembly. The idea was always to keep the body looking stock, but with a Hot Wheels rim choice and suspension stance. Things are taking shape. Personally, I’m chuffed to bits with the little ‘leccy thing thus far.In the last 10 days the Lambretta Giallo Ossido (Yellow Ochre) […]