Wheels make or break a car. My zero emission hero needed appropriate rims, but it was easier said than done due to the sizes required not being in huge demand these days.The trouble is, we needed to bin the 10-inch originals for 12-inch front and 14-inch rear wheels. That meant most styles were either for […]

Hello Motor(s)

It’s a bit odd trying to constantly remind myself that we’re putting together this hot street/race car, with tasty hot rod stuff like a custom narrowed back axle, roll cage and dropped stance. And yet… …it will never have pistons. Or exhausts. Or valves. Or a distributor. Or a carb/injection. Or radiator. In fact, the […]

Why Bother?

People have long lavished time, cash and polish on classic petrol powered cars, so I think it’s time retro EVs deserve the same pampering. Electric car ownership is totally new to me. I nearly bought a mk1 Honda Insight hybrid recently, and used to daily drive a chip fat-powered Mercedes diesel, but that’s as close […]