Steer clear says Big Brother

My brother Greg and me are close mates. For the first time in years we live close to one another, which means we’re trying to find spare evening time to bond in sheds over spanners and cider. Greg restores pre-war Bentleys for a living and has been largely responsible for my adoration and respect of […]

It could have been a British Leyland…

Although the Enfield 8000 ECC wasn’t what you’d call a sales success, at least it did make production. A visit to the Gaydon motor museum a few months ago was my father’s day gift from the kids. Whilst there we spotted this little stillborn EV beauty from British Leyland. On the quiet, I happen to […]

EV history on TV

Since 2012 my Flux Capacitor project has been plugging away at trying to radically mutate an EV recipe started back in the late sixties by the offshoot of Enfield – the British company previously famous for making bicycles, motorcycles, mowers and firearms. Of course. The last few weeks has seen the Enfield 8000 ECC (Electric […]

Best Year EVer?

Happy ’14 to everyone who has shown interest or been instrumental in the build of my Flux Capacitor electric drag car. 2014 is the year we will start racing it and seeing whether it will live up to expectations. I would like to take my hat off to thank sponsors Adrian Flux Insurance, npower energy […]

Powered by nPower

2013 has got off to a magnificent start as we welcome npower on board as a co-sponsor of the Flux Capacitor project. Alongside Adrian Flux Insurance and Red Maple IT consultants, the energy supplier will be helping me with a custom charging system (both at home and at the race track. As obvious as it sounds, the way to ‘refuel’ […]

Retro to the Future. Well, not far off…

So, the Enfield is beginning its journey of reassembly. The idea was always to keep the body looking stock, but with a Hot Wheels rim choice and suspension stance. Things are taking shape. Personally, I’m chuffed to bits with the little ‘leccy thing thus far.In the last 10 days the Lambretta Giallo Ossido (Yellow Ochre) […]


Congrats to Dale Vince and the chaps behind the Nemesis EV. An average speed of 148mph is nothing but impressive for a leccy chariot, and apparently the needle will hit 100mph in 8.5 seconds. Gulp. Let’s get it on the quarter mile drag strip and see what it will do, then I’ve got a bench […]

Now in TechniColo(u)r

Bye bye crap home-brewed blue paintwork, hello yellow. Actually, the Flux Cap has not been gunned over in a straight-forward yellow. It’s an orangey yellow. Officially speaking Lambretta scooter Yellow Ochre (Giallo Ossido) – a colour used predominantly on GP models throughout the 1970s.     So it’s a period hue, and it’s actually not […]

That Bloody Grille

When I bought the Enfield some bright spark (the previous owner) thought it wise to bolt the rad grille of some ’90s Rover to its nose. Understandably horrified, when I dropped it off at Webster Race Engineering me and Jon Webster took the responsible role of taking the orrible thing off and showing it the […]

I Hate That Blue Paint

It was time to collect the Enfield from Webster Race Engineering and begin stripping the bodyshell of 30-odd years of paint, filler and primer. Webster had finished everything bar the front brakes.  They’d fitted new hard brake lines, fabricated a new master cylinder reservoir and plumbed in a Moroso line-lock. The latter is for gripping […]